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  • Honduran Mahogany goes by many names, yet perhaps its most accurate and telling name is Genuine Mahogany. Not to be confused with cheaper imitations, such as Philippine Mahogany, Swietenia macrophylla is what most consider to be the real and true species when referring to “Mahogany.”

    An incredibly important commercial timber in Latin America, Honduran Mahogany is now grown extensively on plantations. It has been widely exploited, leading to its inclusion on the CITES Appendix II in 2003. In effect, this limits the international exporting of the lumber to certified sustainable sources. (This is also why many lumber retailers located in the United States are unable to ship Honduran Mahogany outside of the country.) Substitutes sometimes used are African Mahogany or Sapele.

    Honduran Mahogany’s easy workability, combined with its beauty and phenomenal stability have made this lumber an enduring favorite.







    honduran-mahogany1.jpg.11dc0e26a9366278c1bab875f71cab86.jpg      honduran-mahogany-sealed.jpg.24db7ad360b18f5d96521e6be268475a.jpg        honduran-mahogany-sealed1.jpg.fc9e8a82f1082b2a0b752d77b2cedcc4.jpg      honduran-mahogany-fiddleback.jpg.211c29cb5ae7a6a86f9370b3b3a931f6.jpg



                                                 honduran-mahogany-full.thumb.jpg.0d01f04fee79045f7893665057098c5b.jpg                                honduran-mahogany-qs-full.thumb.jpg.24f77694752f172df7b0001e837d33ba.jpg






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