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    Cuban Mahogany

    Historically, perhaps the most celebrated and revered cabinet and furniture wood in the world. Cuban Mahogany has been used extensively in cabinetry and furniture-making for centuries in Europe and the United States, being harvested to the point of complete depletion. Nearly 100 years ago, H.O. Neville wrote of the wood’s exploitation in his 1919 work, Hardwoods of Cuba: For domestic purposes, the Mahogany is used in such freedom that it seems sacrilege to the newcomer from the North, who has known this wood only in its finished and very expensive forms. Many hundreds of cords of this tim
  3. gulfjoinery

    Philippine Mahogany

    The wood name Philippine Mahogany is a loose term that applies to a number of wood species coming from southeast Asia. Another common name for this wood is Meranti: while yet another name that is commonly used when referring to plywood made of this type of wood is Lauan. (And even though it’s called Philippine Mahogany, it bears no relation to what is considered to be “true” mahogany in the Swietenia and Khaya genera—see the article Mahogany Mixups: the Lowdown for more information.) Scientifically, the name Philippine Mahogany has been used to encompass most commercial lumber found in th
  4. Honduran Mahogany goes by many names, yet perhaps its most accurate and telling name is Genuine Mahogany. Not to be confused with cheaper imitations, such as Philippine Mahogany, Swietenia macrophylla is what most consider to be the real and true species when referring to “Mahogany.” An incredibly important commercial timber in Latin America, Honduran Mahogany is now grown extensively on plantations. It has been widely exploited, leading to its inclusion on the CITES Appendix II in 2003. In effect, this limits the international exporting of the lumber to certified sustainable sources. (Th
  5. Controls the closing speed of doors. When properly adjusted, they avoid slamming, reduce door and frame damage, and make the door easier and safer to use.
  6. The flexible strips surrounding the door panel designed to slow airflow and reduce moisture when the door is closed.
  7. A decorated piece of glass between two clear pieces of clear glass.
  8. A strip placed over the face of a doorjamb for decorative purposes.
  9. A piece of decorative glass placed atop the doorway, transoms come in various sizes and shapes.
  10. A matching piece that usually slides into the outer edge of the threshold that extends the overall threshold width by additional 1-3".
  11. The bottom piece of the door frame usually constructed of aluminum.
  12. Glass that has been heated and cooled so that it shatters into small pieces when broken. Sometimes referred to as safety glass.
  13. A door which opens out from the house.
  14. A door which opens inwards into the house.


Our work speaks about us. Some of the most prestigious projects in UAE guarantee our quality. Located in industrial area in Umm Al Quwain, Gulf Joinery is setup in an area of 32,000 sq.ft. land., well equipped with modern carpentry & joinery tools and machineries that shape architectural wood and decorations


Showroom Opening Times

9.00 AM - 1.00 PM 4.00 PM - 9.00 PM


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7.00 AM - 1.00 PM 2.00 PM - 5.00 PM



+971 6 7666938

🏢 Office Locations

Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates


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