list of door components and corresponding definitions that might help in your research and planning.


list of door components and corresponding definitions that might help in your research and planning.

Term Definition
Active Door

The leaf in a pair of doors which the lock is applied to and which is the first to open.

Adjustable Threshold

A threshold that may be adjusted up or down in order to customize a doors seal for different types of weather or humidity.


An opening in a door where glass would be fitted.


A decorative moulding that surrounds the door, and bridges the gap between the edge of the frame and the wall.


A series of components that closes the gap between a pair of doors. Components may overlap or meet along the centerline.


A measure of the horizontal distance from a lock face to the center of the keyhole or cylinder. Measured from the center of the lock edge for a beveled front, and from the lower step of the lock face for a rabbeted front.


The mouldings that surround a panel in a solid door, or a pane of glass in a door.

Bevel Of Door

The angle of a door's edge to the outer surface of its stile. The typical bevel is 1/8" in 2".

Beveled Glass

Glass which has had the edge of one face ground down at an angle along the perimeter in order to create a better fit.


These are doors that fold together as they open to save space, using a tracking system that enables the door to slide into position. Bi-folds are particularly suitable for smaller spaces and can also be installed as a pair to create a room divider.

Bored Lock

A tubular or cylindrical lock placed into a door via a bored opening.


A mould around the outside of a door's frame.


A metal strip, typically made of brass, which is used to hold pieces of glass in place. Used for more decorative designs. The color is usually brass, zinc or patina, and is often matched with hinges and/or threshold.


A decorative wood paneling attached to the interior edge of a window or door frame. It covers the gap where the door frame meets the wall.


Contains the tumbler and keyhole of a lock. This is the part of the lock into which the key is fit.

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